Social Marketing

Social Marketing

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when social media was considered to be a trendy or passing fad that would soon fade out. The perception of social media has shifted quickly and it is now an increasingly important facet of any business’s marketing campaign. Businesses of all sizes work hard to create and maintain a well-managed presence on the major social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. What could once be accomplished by a traditional website must now be supplemented by a strong and dedicated presence on social media. The team at Search Sauce has many years’ experience of managing the social media accounts of an array of businesses in various industry sectors. Whatever the nature of your business, our team possess the expertise required to help you cash in on the unique potential of social media.


The Benefits of a Well-Planned Social Media Campaign

There are so many benefits to a well-planned social media campaign that it’s difficult to understand why some businesses are still without a presence on the major social networks. Perhaps the biggest benefit of social media is that it allows businesses to build brand awareness. Brand awareness is the primary goal for most social media marketers and social media has quickly become the best way in which to reach a large audience that’s hungry for information and conversation. As a result, a presence on social media is no longer an option for today’s businesses – it’s a necessity.

One big benefit of social media is that it allows businesses to interact and engage with their existing and potential customers in a direct and personal way. When you build your brand on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, your fans and followers have a direct line of communication with your business. This allows you to benefit from valuable insights regarding your customers’ perceptions of your brand. This ‘social listening’ allows you to implement reputation management as well as convert any leads that result from the communications.

We Get to Know your Business

In order to manage your social media accounts and to build your company an online presence successfully, our team needs to get to know your business intimately. Therefore, we take the time to learn about your business so that we know it inside out and back to front. We understand that a large corporation will require a different approach to social media than a small, local business or a start-up company that’s looking to build an presence from the bottom up. We know how to play to your business’s strengths. For example, a larger company will need to focus on using social media to connect with a larger audience as this can help it to get national or even global exposure for its product or service. A smaller company is better off using social media to build a loyal customer by using a personal touch that can only a local business can provide.

A business that sells a product or service to other businesses needs to use social media to network with other businesses as this can help to increase its visibility in the online marketplace. Conversely, a business that sells to individual customers will need to develop a pool of loyal customers through regular communications and even incentives. Whatever the size and nature of your company, the team at Search Sauce can – by developing a deep knowledge of your brand and your company’s strengths, target market and product or service – boost your presence on the major social networks. Get in touch with our social media team today to hear what we can do for your business.