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Our services reach across 3 key areas; ‘Brand Awareness’, ‘Web Design and Development’ & ‘Digital Marketing’. We’re set up to provide a full suite of marketing solutions for today’s online (& offline) businesses. Working seamlessly together to engage, capture and convert leads into customers.


Business Branding (And Rebranding)

The guys at Search Sauce strongly believe that the implementation of a strong, creative identity is one of the most important factors to developing a successful business. The key is to work closely in partnership with every client. Our process begins with learning as much as we can about the business and its target audience. This is the seed that we use as the foundation to develop the ‘big idea’. We take strategy & research and mould it into creativity, impact & engagement. From logo conceptualisation to detailed style guides and assets, we’ve got you covered.

We work on each product until it’s perfect. It’s extremely important to us, that our clients (big or small) walk out our door with a business brand that they are 100% happy with. We’re not just looking after our image here, we’re looking after yours!


Web Design & Development

Whether you’re a small business just looking for a 3 page website or a large firm looking for a bespoke eCommerce solution; we’re able to provide an affordable, high quality website that will perform now and into the future. Imagine having a website that you could be proud of, that felt exciting and gave you customers a feel for what you do. This is what we do!

Our aim is to exceed our client’s expectations. We take small ideas and turn them into grand ones. All our sites are built from the ground up, using only the most up to date technologies and W3C standards, ensuring your online property is stable, clean, secure, future proof, but most importantly, a rich interactive experience that your audience will want to use time and time again.

Our process involves; planning, prototyping, design, development, content management, hosting, analytics and support.

Your site will be developed to work seamlessly on all of the latest browsers and operating systems, and we can even provide customised versions of your site, to work on mobile devices and tablets.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a collective process that is designed to improve a websites ranking within the organic results on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. With more and more people turning to the internet to find what they need, it’s extremely important you ensure that your site is performing well in the major search engines. Our simple 3 stage process has helped many of our clients reach top positions in a variety of niches. The process involves; Analytics and Research, onsite optimisation, followed by increasing the sites offsite popularity.

Each month you’ll receive detailed reports outlining the work that we’ve carried out on your campaign. As well as regular audit reports to ensure your site is fully and continually optimised. We also provide detailed tracking reports, so you can see the exact progress of your campaign on a monthly basis.

Unlike most SEO companies, we won’t tie you into any contracts. So your free to stop (or pause) your campaign at any time. We’re so confident of our service that we don’t feel it necessary to bind you into a contract.



PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ (sometimes referred to as ‘Paid Listings’). These are the listings that you see at the top and down the left hand side of Google’s results pages (Google adwords). PPC is not as cost effective as organic SEO. If you stop your PPC campaign or other companies out bids you, your business will suddenly disappear from the listings and you’ll stop receiving visitors / customers mi blog.

If you can obtain a solid position in the natural organic listing, this is more stable and cost effective.

Having said that, we do offer an PPC set up and management service as we believe that Paid Listings can be a great way to get instant traffic, whilst you wait for your site to climb the organic listings. Also a PPC campaign (run alongside your SEO) can be a great way to gather analytics and figure out which keywords are performing (i.e. which to concentrate more on within your SEO campaign).


Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook IS tricky!! Unlike Google Ads, the people using facebook are not looking to be sold to. Many organisations throw away money on flawed FB advertising campaigns. The skill lies in effectively capturing potential leads, engaging with them, getting them to convert and using the power of Viral Marketing to get MORE leads for free


Social Marketing

Social media has become a global phenomenon. Many thought that it would just be a phase. But Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc have actual become a way of life’. Providing individuals with a voice, and businesses with an audience.

There are many ways you can utilise social media as a vehicle to drive sales. And our experts will sit down with you and devise a strategy. We understand the importance of the personal touch. All to often, faceless corporations alienate the exact people that they are trying to attract, by carrying out flawed social media campaigns. We’re here to ensure your business does not make this mistake


Affiliate Marketing

Setting up an affiliate system can increase your overall profits by 300% (and more). Imagine having an army of marketers, web site owners, content developers and JV partners that are pushing your products / services… AND only ever being paid for actual conversions.

There are many affiliate platforms available and our experts will be able to guide, set up and manage the most suitable platform for you and your business.


Email Marketing

‘The money is in the list’… Your Email Marketing Lists should practically be the central part of the any marketing strategy. If you’re not currently building a lists of potential and current customers, then you are leaving money on the table.

We can help plan, implement, collect and manage an email marketing campaign.


Mobile Marketing

Our mobile specialists help our clients make sense of the mobile marketing world. Whilst at the same time, increase sales, build brand awareness, and increase business productivity. We’ll recommend, set up and monitor mobile marketing campaigns on the platforms most suited to your business, product or niche.

Of course, if your mobile marketing campaigns point to a location that is not optimised for the mobile devises, you’ll be practically wasting your time and money. That’s were our talented designers and developers step in. We can ensure that your entire campaign is integral… making sure that your branding looks stunning!… Even on the smallest of mobile devices.


Google Places

Google places was introduced by Google in order to improve how users are able to find products and services in their local area. Therefore, any business that wants to improve its local online presence needs to establish an identity on Google Places. Here at Search Sauce we have an expert understanding of how to maximise the potential of Google Places in order to improve your online presence as a local business. Our SEO team are on hand to create compelling copy for your business description and we’ll use high-quality images to make your product an irresistible proposition for your target customers.


Video Creation & Marketing

It’s estimated that by 2017 online video will be even more popular than social networking. When you consider that 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute, this is quite believable. It’s growing at an exponential rate and businesses all over the world are investing in video creation and marketing services. The team at Search Sauce love creating video for our clients and because we have an expert understanding of how to use it to reach a business’s target audience, we achieve results time and time again.

Find out more about our video creation and marketing service today.


Print Design

Maybe you have your website sorted and your SEO campaign’s already yielding great results but have you thought about your print marketing materials? They can be all too easy to forget about in this increasingly digital world, but to present yourself as a professional company they should be a crucial element of your marketing plan. Whether you need an eye-catching logo, business cards, letterheads or even a company brochure, get in touch with Search Sauce today. Our talented design team are on hand to create quality print marketing materials for your business. Plus, our great prices mean that we’re an extremely cost-effective option.


Content Writing

An expertly designed website is nothing without engaging content that’s able to sell your product to your target audience. Our skilled copywriters are on hand to produce quality content that’s written with both your audience and the search engines in mind. With an in-depth knowledge of SEO and of how to integrate keywords seamlessly into copy, our writers are able to optimise your content so that it ranks highly in Google’s search engine results. They have produced content for some of the biggest global brands as well as smaller UK businesses and brand-new start-ups. Whatever your business and whatever your industry, get in touch with Search Sauce for quality content writing.

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