Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Google is responsible for handling hundreds of millions of searches every single day. To put it in to a different perspective, your website is like a single, small planet – and Google is the universe. The majority of the websites on the internet never get NEAR the first pages of the Google search results, and unfortunately, the fact is 90% of all searchers stick to the first page of the results. Now take into account that roughly 80% of all online transactions START with a search engine query… if your business is not ranking amongst the top 10 results, Your site’s overall marketing impact will be minimal. Basically if you’re not at the top, your website/business is, to a certain degree, invisible.


The Power Of Search Engine Optimization

A lot of people rely on the Internet to LOOK for what they NEED. But the millionaire dollar question is… HOW can you get these people to YOUR site so you can give them that they NEED? Making use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services is the most practical and economical way to attract HIGHLY targeted clients to your business.

Search Engine Optimization ensures that a website provides the search engines with EXACLTY what it wants and requires. Manipulating the search results to show your business for the desired, highly targeted, relevant, high volume search phrases. Simply put, Search Engine Optimization helps improve a website’s visibility in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Resulting in MORE exposure, MORE Leads and MORE Profits.

Why Choose Search Sauce

Search Engine Optimization is very complex, time consuming and tricky to get right. Over 200 different attributes, contribute to where a site show’s up in the search results. You could try to learn everything you can about Search Engine Optimization and attempt to implement it yourself. But where do you start? A combination of information overload, and out dated information will very likely throw your business down the wrong (and sometime irreversible) avenue. If you’re serious about getting your site to the top of the search engines (and keeping it there)… your only option is to utilise the expertise of a reputable Search Engine Optimization firm. It’s undeniable that the online market today is flooded with thousands of Search Engine Optimization agencies. And it can be extremely difficult to know who to trust. Here at Search Sauce, however, we are going to simplify the process, bend the learning curve and provide a guarantee.

At Search Sauce, we constantly strive to provide the highest possible standards in online marketing, Search Engine Optimization services and research. Every client, big or small, is extremely important to us. We make sure that all our services meet everyone’s specifications, and we strongly adhere to 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We’re One Step Ahead Of The Rest

We have simplified our Search Engine Optimization strategy into a 3-stage process: Analytics and Research, Onsite Optimization, then finally boosting the site’s off-site popularity. We are proud to say that, with the help of our 3-stage process, many of our clients have successfully reached top ranking in various niches.

The bods behind Search Sauce do not leave a job unfinished. The idea is to work closely with every single client. We do everything we can to ensure that a site is 100% fully optimized. Here at Search Sauce, we up the ante by providing every client with cutting-edge white hat Search Engine Optimization techniques – no nasty blackhat procedures, no assumptions, no shortcuts.

What’s Included In Your Services?

Search Sauce offers Basic and Advanced Search Engine Optimization Packages, depending upon the number of keywords/pages (and the level of competition you wish to go against). Month 1 of Search Sauce’s Search Engine Optimization services begins with On-Page Search Engine Optimization Analysis and Research. We perform Keyword Research and Analysis, Page Specific Research and Analysis, and Miscellaneous On-Page Research and Analysis.

Onsite Optimization is also done during the first month of services. General On-Page Optimization, Page Titles and Meta Tags Optimization, Website Content procedures; Rewrites, Redirects and Navigation; XML Site-mapping and Search Engine Analysis are all undertaken during this phase. Also included are Social Media Connections, Off-Page Content Generation (and the Advanced Search Engine Optimization Package comes with Site and Backup Security).

From the second month onwards, Search Sauce’s Search Engine Optimization services will continue with Analysis and Research, Content Generation and Optimization, Off-Page Link-Building, and Dedicated IP Services to help increase your businesses off-site visibility.

Search Sauce is not just your typical, run-of-the-mill one-month wonder. Search Sauce has a reputation for continually providing clients with high-quality Search Engine Optimization services. Plus, we provide comprehensive monthly reports highlighting the work that we have executed during the campaigns, as well as systematic audit and tracking reports to ensure that your site continues to be fully-optimized.

No Strings Attached

Unlike most of today’s Search Engine Optimization companies, we won’t bind you to any contract. That means you have the liberty to stop or suspend your campaign at any given time. Not only that, we’re SO confident of our Search Engine Optimization services that we’re keen to providing a guarantee consejo. We promise that at least 40% of your total keywords will end up on the very first page of major search engines at some point during the campaign. At most, this can be done within the first 6 months of services. If not, you can simply cancel the service and we’ll work for you for FREE until we’re able to do so. If we fail to provide you with the desired results after 3 more months, we will give back your last payment – and an additional £100 for the trouble we’ve caused you. To this date, we’ve not had to fulfil this promise. We’re THAT GOOD!

So Stop Wasting Time and Profit! Contact us now and find out how we can give you that extra edge over your competition!