Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Are you looking for a way of acquiring instant website traffic? Then PPC (‘Pay Per Click’) could be the solution you’re looking for. PPC is sometimes referred to as search advertising and refers to the practice of purchasing sponsored links on search engine results pages (SERP). These links are seen at the top and down the left hand side of Google’s search results pages and are visible to consumers when they search for a specific keyword or phrase. Here at Search Sauce we can provide you with a well-managed and optimised PPC campaign that can help your business to maximise its coverage in Google’s search results. A cost-effective form of advertising, PPC ads are a great option to compliment your organic search marketing campaign.


Why Invest in PPC

Businesses of all sizes all over the UK are still investing in PPC and there are plenty of reasons why. The biggest reason is that is provides a way of bring targeted traffic to your website quickly. Unlike organic SEO – which is ultimately more effective but a slower process – PPC ads can be launched very quickly and can bring qualified leads to your website in a short period of time. Another big benefit of PPC is that it helps you to improve the quality of your website traffic. The team at Search Sauce can assign different ad copies for specific keywords and demographics to ensure that your website traffic is targeted accordingly. Another significant benefit of PPC (although one that’s rarely recognised by website owners) is that is provides the opportunity for the low-risk testing of keywords. It can enable you to determine if a full website optimisation campaign is worthwhile. To learn more about how PPC can help your to bring high-quality traffic to your website, get in touch with us today.

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