Google Places

Google Places

Are you a local business looking to increase traffic to your website? Then you need to establish a local online presence. Google Places is a great place to start. Google says that one out of five searches is related to location. Therefore, Google Places was introduced as a way of improving how users are able to find products and services in their local area. Creating a local online presence using Google Places is a great way to grow your business and if you aren’t already using it, it’s high time you were.

By establishing an identity on Google Places your business will show up in Google searches, Google Maps and Google+ Local. What’s great about Google Places is that you can ask satisfied customers to review and rate your product or service. The higher your ratings on Google Places, the more business you’re likely to drum up as a result. Bare in mind, however, that too many reviews can actually push your listing down in search results.



Help is at Hand

Google Places is an invaluable asset for local businesses. However, it can be difficult to set up, especially if you’re not familiar with the facility. This is where the team at Search Sauce can help. We know Google Places inside out and back to front and know how to create your local presence so that your existing and potential customers can easily find you online. Our SEO team are able to use relevant keywords in the most effective manner in order to create an impelling and appealing description for your product or service. We can also add high-quality images and videos to give your presence on Google Places a further boost.

Don’t take the risk of hiring an amateur to set up and manage your Google Places profile. We are a leader in our field for a reason. Get in touch with the Search Sauce team today to get started on your Google Places journey.