Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Are you considering advertising your business on Facebook? Then let the social media team at Search Sauce help. Don’t assume that advertising on Facebook is easy – unfortunately it’s not a simple case of buying an ad and watching the money roll in as your consumers are directed to and consequently purchase your product or service. You not only need to target the right people but they need to be encouraged to click on your ad in the first instance. The problem is, unlike Google Ads, Facebook users are generally not looking to be sold to. As has always been the case, they’re primarily looking to socialise with friends.

In the early days, internet marketers decided that Facebook advertising didn’t work, but much of the time they were making common mistakes that prevented them from running successful campaigns for their clients. Here at Search Sauce we are experts in social media and know how to plan and implement your advertising campaign on Facebook in a hugely successful manner. Our skilled team is able to capture potential leads, engage with them and encourage them to convert. Plus, using the immense power of viral marketing, we’re able to acquire more leads for free.


Why Advertise on Facebook?

By December 2013 Facebook had acquired an astonishing 1.19 billion users across the globe. Many of Facebook’s active users log-in several times every day and spend a great deal of time on the network. It has an incredibly reach which makes advertising on the social network an irresistible prospect for businesses of all sizes. It’s reach is what makes Facebook a highly unique advertising platform. It provides businesses with the opportunity to approach your target customer-base.

Facebook users input a great deal of information about themselves, beginning with basic information such as where they live, their gender and their age. Plus, he or she ‘likes’ different pages, has different interests and is part of a network of ‘friends’. This allows an advertiser to be specific in regards to who to buy their ads for. In this way, Facebook advertising can allow you to market your company and its product or service to the right people.

How Facebook Ads Work

The team at Search Sauce has helped hundreds of businesses to unlock the true potential of Facebook advertising. We have a real understanding of how Facebook ads work and this enables us to get the most out of this unique advertising platform on behalf of our clients. We understand that in order to reach your intended consumer-base successfully and to get more “likes” and “shares”, your ads must have great creative content as well as be well-targeted. Facebook ads have the potential to improve your brand awareness and generate sales, but only if your campaign is planned and enforced by social media experts who know what they’re doing.

Here at Search Sauce we have proven time and time again that we have a deep understanding of social media marketing. For those businesses who are still wondering if Facebook advertising works, we can confidently tell you that it does. This isn’t just based on our own experience but evidence from the social network’s multiple ad partners has demonstrated that Facebook ads improved in nearly every metric in year over year and quarter of quarter comparisons. Facebook advertising has demonstrated that it is working and so in order to maximise on its potential and compete with your competitors, why not work with the team at Search Sauce? Facebook isn’t the only social network reaping success with its ads – Twitter and Pinterest made significant ground on Facebook in 2013.